The Moura Family

Spent a great morning photographing the Moura family at the Carter Center. This was the third or fourth time that I've photographed their family and always a pleasure catching up and interacting with the kids. A lot of big smiles and positive energy. Definitely a good looking crew!

Delivering Turkeys with Ludacris and His Mom

I have to admit, hanging out with Ludacris and his mom delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to families around Atlanta was pretty damn amazing. The look of shock - and respect - when unsuspecting kids would come to the door and Luda was standing there holding a budderball was golden. I've covered Ludacris for a number of events lately and always impressed with how friendly and approachable he is. Super sharp. #LudacrisFoundation #Roadie 

We Are Family | Atlanta Greater Than Aids Campaign

Sponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Atlanta Greater Than Aids chapter recently held an event focused on confronting stigmas surrounding HIV in our city. The event included narratives of HIV positive Atlantans and emphasized the support that they need from friends, family, and community, as well as the importance of prevention and early testing. Nationally, Atlanta ranks as one of highest in terms of new HIV diagnosis, and first in first time diagnosis indicating full clinical AIDS. This means that people do not have access to the basic resources and testing needed. The campaign concluded with a concert at the Rialto with some of the south's top gospel performers. 

The Authentic Hustle!

Long time friend and business development supporter, Yvonne Dodd of Evi D. Consulting has been helping people create the life they want through her unique coaching that helps align life and business goals. Now she’s offering a series of programs over the next year to bring this to a group setting, specifically for entrepreneurs. It's called The Authentic Hustle! I'm excited to be working with Yvonne on photography branding for her upcoming launch! 

Across South Sudan...

I feel pretty fortunate to have had the chance to work in - and photograph - so many corners of South Sudan. I've been there on three separate contracts - mostly in programatic roles - with a number of different humanitarian organizations. I'm almost always there with camera in tow. I've been there for several months at a time, and up to a year. It's the kind of place that pretty much pushes you in every direction, and on almost every emotional level. In the humanitarian world, South Sudan is known for being a challenging post. There's very little infrastructure with few paved roads, no real electrical grid to speak of, markets that run dry, and spaces between neighboring towns whose distance can be insurmountable for months on end. Armed conflict seems to plague South Sudan at almost every step. It's an enduring and stoic place, however, with infectious smiles, and a country that captures your imagination and demands respect. The strength of Southern Sudanese is admirable to say the least. It's one of those places where you know you'll be back.